I painted on DVD’s and CD”s that I don’t use anymore. I love the whole hippie and indie aesthetic for my room and I remember coming across this on pinterest. I thought it was super cool, especially because I love to paint, and I needed more wall art for my room, so I decided to do this. I chose to paint smiley faces, Spongebob Squarepants show window, and cow print. I think it turned out really well and I love the way it looks in my room. Next time, I would probably spend some more time on them so they could look a little more detailed and less messy.

Psychology (Pre-Psychology) Major and I am currently interested in Child Development Specialist.

For the three companies and clients that hopefully would hire me, I have:

ACES (Autism Comprehensive Educational Services)

The Autism Comprehensive Educational Services is for individuals and families impacted with autism and other developmental disabilities. …

Ashley Brach

Art 100

Professor Glenn

28 November 2020

Art is …

In the past, I said art is about using your imagination to create something wonderful for yourself and others to admire. It’s the sense of using “out of the box” thinking and creativity. In some ways, I agree…


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